From 'In de Heuvelrug' there is much to see and do in both Salland and Twente, making it an ideal base. Discover the variety of activities that can be enjoyed in this area. The village of Hellendoorn has about 7000 inhabitants and here you will find a supermarket, drugstore, butcher and bakery. Handy for groceries! There are also nice restaurants and a few pubs. The Avonturenpark amusement park, for which Hellendoorn is most famous, can also be found here.

Nijverdal, ommen and cities nearby
Do you want to go shopping or try other bars or restaurants in the area? Then take a look at Nijverdal, a 5.5 km bike ride, because the cozy center has plenty of options! Or head North to Ommen at about 14 km. The city has beautiful terraces and is located on the river Vecht. A number of larger cities are about 20 to 45 km away, including the atmospheric old Hanseatic cities of Zwolle and Deventer.

Visit the Visit Twente site for all activities in the area.

Cycling, horse riding, boating & hiking

There are all kinds of routes in the area: for the ordinary cyclist, special E-bike routes, for long-distance riders, routes with a theme (such as the Second World War), cycling routes, MTB routes, horse riding routes, sailing routes and of course also short and long hiking trails, like the Pieterpad. Find different routes or put together your own route on Visit Oost. We have a special spray-down area for the bicycles.

Discover the area by bike
Do you want to rent bicycles? That can be done in different places. Our neighbors of Holiday Park Hellendoorn rent out bicycles, nice and close! There are also two bicycle shops in Hellendoorn that both rent out bicycles, including mountain bikes: Tweewielercentrum Hellendoorn and Kamphuis Cycling Hellendoorn.

Nearby villages & cities

Hellendoorn has been around for over 900 years and much of this history can still be found in the various historic buildings, churches and mills. A good way to discover this side of Hellendoorn is to walk the Goapad (goan is a dialect word for walking). The route starts at VVV Hellendoorn/Bakery & Ice Museum De Valkhof, where an information booklet is also available. The route itself is indicated by red tiles with a footprint. Stroll past historic buildings and statues, and visit museums and cafes along the way. The route is about 3.5 km.

With more than 25,000 inhabitants, Nijverdal is the largest village in the municipality of Hellendoorn and this is where most shops, restaurants and cafes can be found. More information about Hellendoorn and Nijverdal: Visit the website of Visit Hellendoorn.
Hellendoorn: 2,4 km
Nijverdal: 5,5 km
Raalte: 13,2 km
Ommen: 14 km
Wierden: 14,7 km
Holten: 15,8 km
Rijssen: 16,4 km
Almelo: 21 km
Zwolle: 31,9 km
Deventer: 33,3 km
Hengelo: 37,4 km
Enschede: 45,1 km

For kids

With the children on holiday? Here are a few tips from us:

  1. The Hellendoorn Adventure Park should of course not be missing from this list. The park has more than 30 attractions and various shows.
  2. Cool Nature Hellendoorn(near the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory). As part of Tthe Regge recovery project, a nature playground has also been constructed here on both sides of a road. These two parts can be reached under the road via two large play and survival divers.
  3. Picnicking in the deep sand pit (±400 m behind Landgoed De Uitkijk, where you can also sit on the terrace).
  4. The Gnome path through the Sallandse Heuvelrug.
  5. Play forest Sallandse Heuvelrug.
  6. The Ravijn Nijverdal (indoor & outdoor pool).
  7. Children's park De Flierefluiter in Raalte.
  8. Wilgenweard activity centre in Nijverdal.
  9. Subtropical swimming pool De Scheg in Deventer
  10. Dinoland (Dinosaur park) in Zwolle